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Josué and I are very grateful for the sponsors who have recently sent gifts or money for gifts for their adopted ministry kids. Some were for birthdays, others just because. The first 3 pictures are Jhardeli, Marcelo, and Vasti receiving packages from the States. The next 2 kids, Gabriela and Anderson received donations—we don´t give out the money, rather we take the kids shopping for things they need and want. It´s a real treat for them.  The next picture is of Anderson´s brother  Dorian. Anderson shared his donation with his brother, as he doesn´t have a sponsor yet. The next 2 pictures are of Priscila and Arlet—Renee, Mama Luz, Josué and I all pitched in to buy them gifts for their birthdays, to make an otherwise common day special.

There are many children without sponsors. If you want to “adopt” a child, please email Renee Smith at  for specifics in how to send packages or donations (especially for birthdays). Also we ask that you pray for your ministry child on a regular basis. Thanks!


Posted July 28, 2010 by Seeds of Love in seeds

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