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Kitchen, Swing set   Leave a comment

The kitchen is ready for the wooden doors and serving window. After that we can buy the appliances and furnish it. As soon as we have monthly support, we will begin to serve lunch to our ministry kids a few days a week.

The second to last picture is the sanctuary. Josué´s brothers have prepared the walls and ceiling so that a mission trip  coming in October can paint it. Now they are working on the kitchen.

The last picture is a swing set, donated by a supporter friend, in honor of his grandchildren. The kids are enjoying the tire swings. After we clean up the yard, we will also put in a slide, balance beam, and sandbox.


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Club Kids receive gifts from Sponsors   Leave a comment

Josué and I are very grateful for the sponsors who have recently sent gifts or money for gifts for their adopted ministry kids. Some were for birthdays, others just because. The first 3 pictures are Jhardeli, Marcelo, and Vasti receiving packages from the States. The next 2 kids, Gabriela and Anderson received donations—we don´t give out the money, rather we take the kids shopping for things they need and want. It´s a real treat for them.  The next picture is of Anderson´s brother  Dorian. Anderson shared his donation with his brother, as he doesn´t have a sponsor yet. The next 2 pictures are of Priscila and Arlet—Renee, Mama Luz, Josué and I all pitched in to buy them gifts for their birthdays, to make an otherwise common day special.

There are many children without sponsors. If you want to “adopt” a child, please email Renee Smith at  for specifics in how to send packages or donations (especially for birthdays). Also we ask that you pray for your ministry child on a regular basis. Thanks!

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Work and Ministry   Leave a comment

1. Railing to upstairs. Cool story about our next door neighbor who has done all our metal work for us–he accepted Christ last night at church! Pray for Roberto. Thanks.

2. We put up a wall at the sanctuary´s entrance–less echo and more privacy.

3. The kitchen walls have been tiled, working on the countertops this week.

4. Mama Luz´s class on Sunday. She taught that we are God´s most amazing creation.

5. Daniel´s class. He´s great at getting the kids to participate and learn.

6. Jonathan´s class (well mine, but Joni is taking my place for a couple months). He gets the youth to study Scripture.

Thanks for your faithful support and prayers.

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