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Today the Club came to the end of its journey through the Old Testament. We began with the Creation story last June and finish this June with Isaiah´s prophesy to the coming of Christ. Over the summer, we will study the Fruit of the Spirit and in the fall we will begin teaching the New Testament.

In the pictures, you see the three classes, Daniel´s, Mama Luz´s, and mine. They colored Isaiah´s 4 main prophecies that came true in the New Testament–the virgen Mary given birth to the Mesiah, Jesus reigning as King forever, Jesus´suffering and death, and the new heaven and new earth where the “wolf eats peacefully next to the lamb and the lion eats grass.”  On the back the kids drew how they choose to answer, as Isaiah did, “Here am I, send me”–a talent they have that they want to use for God´s glory.

Daniel´s class (see first pictures) met in the kitchen, which you can see now has a ceramic floor. This week, we are putting in the counters.

Please leave comments on the blog entries. I appreciate your prayers and encouragement.


Posted June 6, 2010 by Seeds of Love in seeds

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