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Job: Why do I suffer? I want to trust You, God, but life is so hard. I haven´t done anything to deserve such loss. Lord, have you forgotten me?

God: Can you make the sun rise? or the rain fall? or the lions find food? or the birds fly south? Can you control the sea? or guide the stars? or count the clouds? Hello! Humble yourself and recognize that I am God and you are man.

Job: Yes, Lord, forgive me for my pride. If I can accept the good You give me, I can also accept what You take from me–that won´t keep me from trusting You.

We can´t always understand; Satan thinks he knows better but doesn´t. But God  knows and understand; He often allows problems for our good, and for His glory–and through it all, He is always with us.

I put baby powder on the kids´arms so they would feel that they had a skin disease like Job did.

1st pix: I gave out suckers to the 30 kidswho have come regularly since January (not missing more than 2 Club meetings).



Posted May 23, 2010 by Seeds of Love in seeds

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