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Part 3: Sunday, May 16, Leslie and Gary sang a couple songs for the church. Everyone loved it and wanted more. So I suggested hymns that they know that are also in Spanish so the church could sing along in Spanish. It was a beautiful hour of fellowship. I was very blessed. My brother-in-law Joni mentioned afterward how great Heaven will be—all Christians from all nations singing together in one language.

After church, Jon had a desire to know about one of the young men who has been attending our church regularly for 3 months (soon after we moved in—Rafael who was our night guard for several months invited him to church).  Jon and I went over to Johann, who is 17. We found out that he had accepted Christ a couple months back when my friend Cory came to preach. Jon was speaking with Johann and wanted to give him one of the Bibles he´d brought.  I asked about another young man, Davis, age 16, also from our neighborhood, who attends church. Johann brought over Davis, and Mama Luz told me that he wanted to accept Christ. So Jon prayed for him, then I explained the Gospel and asked Davis questions to find out if he understood the Gospel. He had tears in his eyes as he prayed to accept Christ! So Jon gave him a Bible. Then Mama Luz told Jon that Karen had accepted Christ the day before, so he gave her a Bible too! He had already given Lucero and Rayza Bibles that morning. 5 Bibles in one day—planting God´s Seeds of Love! What an encouragement for me and the church to see the fruit of our labor! While several kids have accepted Christ or grown closer to Him since we opened the Club Seeds of Love in 2007, it´s great to see young people understanding the Gospel and committing their lives to Christ.  We are blessed.

Saturday, May 22, seven kids come to the baptism class: Johann, Davis, Karen, Rayza, Lucero, Gabriela, and Christofer (it was Christofer´s first time and he received Christ as Savior!). We are excited that these young people are committed to being discipled in the church and grow in their faith.

Thanks, Jon, for bringing those Bibles! We only have 5 left–a good problem!


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