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Part 4: Sunday night after church, Gary and Jon took us out to eat, inviting Josué´s parents and Daniel (it was his birthday), his wife Isabel, and Lucia (Isabel´s niece who is living with them), to talk with them more about the ministry.

Monday, after a meeting to discuss future ministry plans together, we went on the river, to the nearby village, Santo Tomas, where our boat-driver friend David and his wife Daisy fed us a fish lunch. Delish! We played Frisbee and handed out suckers. Josué played with his namesake, baby Josué David. (The photo where we are holding up only 3 fingers is due to “piranhas”!)

That afternoon, Gary and Jon returned to the States. Leslie stayed until Friday. She stayed in our second bedroom—the one Carol Buckman recently painted the mural in—good timing! We bought a bunk bed and in table for the room, and used the mattress and sheets and pillows the Buckmans had bought for their trip to the river. So thanks, Carl and Carol, for your part in helping us receive Leslie into our home!


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