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Part 6: Throughout the week, Leslie did some interviews with Mama Luz, several children, and one father with his 2 kids who attend Club regularly. It was good to hear how the Club is changing kids´ lives, and to talk about future goals.

Jonathan (Josué´s brother and our worship leader) and Leslie shared music hints—he taught her a Spanish song on the guitar and she taught him some singing techniques. Jonathan told me he is praying for 2 things: someone to come teach him and the church choir (includes several Club kids) how to sing better, and for a keyboard. Pray that God answers his prayer.

On Wednesday, a beautiful if not hot day, Leslie and I took David and Daisy´s girls, Sarai and Sameli, with us to the butterfly farm. They live 1 mile from it, yet had never gone. They loved the animals. Josué David (the baby) helped his daddy drive the boat. We loaned David $250 to build it. He also has a new motor, so he´s now able to better take care of his family—he recently finished the wooden floor of his home, called a “maloca” (hut).

Leslie and I had some girl time on Friday; I needed that. I am blessed that she stayed this week; it was great to have a girlfriend staying in the house and to be able to chat with her in English.


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