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Part 1, Lifesong Trip: Gary, founder of Lifesong Ministries, his daughter Leslie, and their associate Jon, arrived on Saturday. We took them to the village of Santa Clara (via a 30-minute long bumpy dirt road), a new community of 40 families (each with 5-6 kids, so about 250 children). There are 10 kids who come on a regular basis to our club, brought by my sister-in-law´s dad who lives there. Jon enjoyed playing Frisbee with the kids, made some little friends, gave everyone suckers, and got on very well. Gary and Leslie interviewed me and Josué about our vision with the children from Iquitos and the river villages.

Saturday afternoon was the baptism study. A Club kid, Karen, accepted Christ! She has been attending Club for 2 ½ years. Thank You, Lord!

Sunday morning, at Club, Gary, Leslie, and Jon introduced themselves. Gary and Leslie sang “Jesus loves me” a cappella—very beautiful. Jon presented Bibles he´d brought to Lucero and Rayza, the two girls who recently accepted Christ.

The lesson was Queen Esther. Just like her, God uses us in tough situations. We might not understand the reason, but must trust that God has put us in the situation and will guide us through it for His glory. He used Esther to save the Jewish people. Conniving Haman convinced King Xerxes to issue a decree to kill the Jews, but Esther revealed the wicked plot to the king who made another decree that the Jews could defend themselves in battle. The Jews won the battle and in thankfulness, they celebrated. The 2-day celebration is called Purim (from pull straws or throw the dice, because that´s what Haman did to decide which day to kill the Jews). The Jews still celebrate Purim today. There are 4 things (mizvot) that the Jews do: eat together, give out food, give to the poor, and listen to the story of Esther. When the name of Haman is mentioned, they shake rattles, called graggors, to cover up the sound of this evil man´s name. The children made their own rattles out of toilet paper rolls and shook them when Haman´s name was mentioned during the story. Then we ate together. Each kid received 2 juanis (local rice and chicken wrapped in banana leaf)—one to eat and one to share.


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