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While we were in Lima last week (see photos at a soccer game and with Josue´s sister Becky), Gilber completed the ministry bathrooms on the first floor—tiling, shelves, doors, ornamental windows for ventilation, cementing some brick walls, putting in the second toilet and showerhead, and finishing the plumbing. The first floor and soccer field were fumigated–no more mosquitoes or ants!

Josué´s brothers have been doing a lot of odd jobs around the house and the ministry. Jonathan has sanded tables, drilled holes in walls for frames and shelves, prepared walls for painting, helped with electricity and plumbing, repainted the puppet theater, and is currently making 2 new ministry tables. Daniel and Jonas have put in long hours scraping cement off the brick walls in the church and passageway (thousands of bricks). 17-year old cousin Gioana painted the cement around the tiling in our bathroom. Josué and I are grateful for this help and for the improvements made.

Our goals for the next month are to:

  • lay grass out back (385 meters squared)
  • have a concrete floor laid in the whole first floor, including the outside entrance and the entrance ramp (170 meters squared)—that´s 95 large bags of cement!
  • put up a brick wall in the sanctuary entrance to help block out street noise and distractions
  • install several wooden doors
  • lay tiling in the ministry kitchen and the stairwell,
  • and continue to paint.

All this should help with the continual dust problem, and it is another step toward being able to open the ministry full-time.  If you want to help us with the finances of this upcoming project, the cost will be $7,000 (materials and labor).


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