Nehemiah builds Jerusalem´s walls   Leave a comment

Club:  Sunday, the children learned how Ezra and Nehemiah led the Hebrews in rebuilding the walls around Jerusalem, after enemies had destroyed it, around 500 BC. When threats or problems came, Nehemiah prayed, and prayed, and prayed. The wall was built in 52 days! A good lesson for us…to pray at all times. God answered Nehemiah and He will answer us.

For the activity, I passed out crackers, marshmellows (bricks), and caramel (cement). The kids used them to build “walls” to remind them that the Hebrews built Jerusalem´s wall with God´s help. Then the kids ate their “walls”! They liked that part best!!

After about 20 kids rehearsed for a Mother´s Day choreography, Josué and I played soccer with them.

Bible Study:  Mama Luz and I began a course on baptism last Saturday.  It´s a 2-month course and the baptism is scheduled for July 17. A dozen youth had showed interest in coming, but today it was pouring down rain, and as the kids walk, only Lucero showed up. I was a little disappointed, but determined to do the class, if only for one. Then Rayza came. Mama Luz began the study by asking the 2 girls if they had received Christ (an obvious requirement to being baptized). They both said, “We understand the Gospel but haven´t ever accepted Jesus as our Savior.” I asked if they would like to, and explained the plan of salvation (sin, Jesus´ death, our need for forgiveness, accepting Christ´s invitation to eternal life, and the coming in of the Holy Spirit). They both prayed (out loud and individually) to accept Christ as Savior! We were thrilled. Mama Luz and I then completed chapter one of the baptism course with them. Praise God! Next week, hopefully more kids will come.




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