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Club Kids receive Gifts from Sponsors   Leave a comment

Last week, 3 children, Vasti, Marcelo, and Barbara, received gifts, letters, and photos in the mail, and Gabriela received a donation for her birthday (I’ll take her out to buy her gifts this week). Thanks to those who are writing, sending gifts, donating money and praying for our very sweet and very needy children.


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Jonah and the Whale Shark   Leave a comment

Jonah didn´t want Nineveh to know God´s salvation, so he ran away. But he learned the hard way (from the belly of a whale shark) to forgive his enemies and show them God´s love. We too have a hard time forgiving those who have hurt us, but Jesus did, and asks us to as well. Let´s learn the lesson from Jonah, and forgive even when it´s hard.

Thanks to Leslie for bringing hundreds of paper plates (for the “big fish” craft) and boxes of goldfishes to help the kids remember this lesson. Along with the goldfish crackers, the kids enjoyed tuna fish sandwiches (get it?!) and a native purple drink called chicha morada (to look like the sea!).

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Cement Floor   Leave a comment




That´s how much we spent this week on laying the cement floor. But it had to be done. You can see the hose used to water the cement in the mixer, 100 bags of cement, and truckloads of sand. Plus 15 men working 2 days straight. Now the first floor looks nicer, and the entrance ramp is less inclined and thus safer.

There is still a lot to do. The entrance patio will be finished next week. Daniel will clean the brick walls  in the sanctuary and out back (around the futbol field). We have 2 additional brick walls to put up and a metal double door in the sanctuary. Jonathan will put a coat of cement paste on all the cement walls on the first floor so that they can later be painted.  

 Next week we will continue to work on the kitchen. Luis (a church member) and his grandson finished the pantry shelves (see first photos) and will begin the counters (made just like shelves, with wooden frames, iron rods, and cement). Gilber will tile the floor. The donation from my aunt built the kitchen and we used the last $800 to buy the ceramic floor tiles. We still need $2500 for the kitchen to be operational. That will cover: tiles for the counters and walls, 2 fans, lighting, plumbing, 2 sinks, door, the serving window, and an industrial gas stove. It will also cover the first month of serving lunch to the kids and paying the cooks. oWe cannot go on without these funds.

Then to completely finish the kitchen, we will need a pantry door, industrial refrigerator, freezer, cooking, serving, and storage utensils, cleaning materials (we will be using what we own until funds come in), and paint. And we will need monthly donations to provide the ongoing service.

Please help us out with this project by sending a donation to Wordsower (see mailing address below). I can´t wait to show pictures to my grandma of the kitchen dedicated to her, where we are serving the children she prays for daily!

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Greysi   Leave a comment

Today is my niece Greysi´s 8th birthday. We took her to buy shoes to go with her birthday dress and Josué got her a “Barbie” doll, which Greysi has been dressing and playing with non-stop! Isn´t she beautiful?!

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Job   Leave a comment

Job: Why do I suffer? I want to trust You, God, but life is so hard. I haven´t done anything to deserve such loss. Lord, have you forgotten me?

God: Can you make the sun rise? or the rain fall? or the lions find food? or the birds fly south? Can you control the sea? or guide the stars? or count the clouds? Hello! Humble yourself and recognize that I am God and you are man.

Job: Yes, Lord, forgive me for my pride. If I can accept the good You give me, I can also accept what You take from me–that won´t keep me from trusting You.

We can´t always understand; Satan thinks he knows better but doesn´t. But God  knows and understand; He often allows problems for our good, and for His glory–and through it all, He is always with us.

I put baby powder on the kids´arms so they would feel that they had a skin disease like Job did.

1st pix: I gave out suckers to the 30 kidswho have come regularly since January (not missing more than 2 Club meetings).


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Leslie   Leave a comment

Part 6: Throughout the week, Leslie did some interviews with Mama Luz, several children, and one father with his 2 kids who attend Club regularly. It was good to hear how the Club is changing kids´ lives, and to talk about future goals.

Jonathan (Josué´s brother and our worship leader) and Leslie shared music hints—he taught her a Spanish song on the guitar and she taught him some singing techniques. Jonathan told me he is praying for 2 things: someone to come teach him and the church choir (includes several Club kids) how to sing better, and for a keyboard. Pray that God answers his prayer.

On Wednesday, a beautiful if not hot day, Leslie and I took David and Daisy´s girls, Sarai and Sameli, with us to the butterfly farm. They live 1 mile from it, yet had never gone. They loved the animals. Josué David (the baby) helped his daddy drive the boat. We loaned David $250 to build it. He also has a new motor, so he´s now able to better take care of his family—he recently finished the wooden floor of his home, called a “maloca” (hut).

Leslie and I had some girl time on Friday; I needed that. I am blessed that she stayed this week; it was great to have a girlfriend staying in the house and to be able to chat with her in English.

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Paper Mache   Leave a comment

Part 5: Tuesday morning, Leslie and I went shopping for supplies for the art project. Leslie taught 20 kids (and a few adults) to make Paper Mache animals. It was fun. She asked who wanted to do a giraffe (she´d made several animals for them to choose from). Most of the kids raised their hands, so we had 12 very unique giraffe molds by the end of the class!

On Thursday, the class met again. We painted our molds. The kids surprised us with their creativity. The giraffes were amazing—covered in bright stripes and spots—as were the swan, duck, spider, dog, mouse, llama, soccer ball (Josué´s of course), and my turtle and monkey! Leslie had brought glitter glue to make the figures sparkle!

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