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The first picture is the backyard a couple weeks ago when it was a mosquito ridden pool. You can see the progress over these 2 weeks. First the workers dug long canals and filled them with thousands of pebbles. Then they covered that with mesh and covered the mesh with dirt and sand. They put in the water pump, so now when it rains, the water will seep into the canals and be pumped into our sewage system.  

I had mentioned that the cost was $1,000. We are very grateful to our donor who gave that amount to help us out. That cost was only the materials, not including labor or the pump (translation misunderstanding). The total was $2,700. So we had to take $1,700 out of our personal expenses.

In addition, we had soccer posts made and field lights installed. The last pictures are of Josue and friends playing soccer. Next week we would like to put down grass (to help eliminate dust and sand), buy some trees, and put in concrete benches. We need to put up soccer netting too, to keep the ball in our property (and to protect the lights from being stolen). The estimated cost for all these additional expenses is $3,000. We appreciate your financial support to prepare the backyard for the kids to play soccer in a safe and fun place.


Posted April 23, 2010 by Seeds of Love in seeds

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