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Carl (Carlos) and Carol (Carolina) arrived on Saturday. That evening we had a birthday party for 2 of our Club kids who turned 15 (the special year here, like 16 in the States), Karen and Paola. I had taken Karen out to buy her a backpack and shirt (which she wore to the party).  After Mama Luz and I and the girls´ moms, and even Carl and Carol, shared some positive words to the girls, we had cake and snacks. It was a sweet time.

Sunday morning, we taught on the death and resurrection of Jesus, and Carol shared a cross craft she had cut out with the children (we had about 90!). The kids glued sequins on their foam crosses. They also got to taste jelly beans for the first time. It was a special time. (You can see in the pix of Abed, I decorated him too!) The couple sweated a lot, noticed how we need ceiling fans, and so bought us 4 for the sanctuary. We are grateful!

They greeted the church on Sunday evening. We all slept in this morning (Monday) and are finally rested up. This morning Josue and I have to take care of construction business, so this afternoon we will go shopping for the river trip. We leave tomorrow and return Friday. It will be an adventure. Pray for us (rest, peace, safety, health).


Posted April 12, 2010 by Seeds of Love in seeds

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