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DOWNSTAIRS: The ministry bathrooms are almost finished, and the doors and windows have been put in. So Daniel and Isabel moved in. The workers will be focusing on the plumbing for the backyard for the next 2 weeks, as well as finishing details in Block 3. It has been a long process—almost a year since we bought the property—and Josué and I are ready to see an end in the construction. We want to be able to focus more our time, energy, and money on the kids´ ministry.

UPSTAIRS: The tile flooring was laid in our house. Unfortunately it still needs work, as dust is coming from the cement put in between the tiles, but it´s better than the cement floor. I am not coughing as much, so my stomach doesn´t hurt like it did, although I wear a wrap. I have been painting, cleaning, and organizing every day. I still have a lot to do, but it´s coming along. The color theme for the bedroom, bathroom, and closet is wine and light yellow. The colors in the living room, kitchen, pantry, office, and hall are sky blue, periwinkle, and bright yellow. I was excited to have a sofa made, an amazing luxury. (Note: Here everything is made by design–it sounds great, but it means a lot of decisions; you can´t just go pick out something, you have to give color, measurement, etc, and if you err, you have to fix it; the motto this year has been “What´s the solution?”)

I placed the wreathe I made a couple years ago in memory of my dad to remember that he gave me this wonderful home, and I am blessed.

Block 4 (see photo), the other side upstairs, needs to be finished…but probably in the fall.


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