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Today and last week at Club, we taught about the life of Elijah, from 1 Kings. 80 children are now attending regularly, several new kids. Last week dealt with God´s provision and a series of miracles (no rain, ravens bring him food, a widow´s flour and oil doesn´t run out, the widow–a Baal worshipper–believes in Jehovah, her son is resurrected from the dead). Today the story was about Elijah´s challenge on Mount Carmel. Who is the only powerful God: Jehovah or Baal? Jehovah sent down fire and licked up the bull and stones and water and all, and the Israelites repented and worshiped Him. Then, following a 3 1/2 year drought, the rains came. After Elijah´s high came a low. He felt alone, but God comforted him and then spoke to him in a whisper, “You are not alone.” God doesn´t often send us obvious miracles, like food from birds or fire from heaven, but He does speak to us softly, if we only take time to listen.

We had a special Easter meal, celebrating Easter (although next week when Carl and Carol come, we are going to share the Easter story and do an activity that they are bringing).

Abed (last photo), now 6 years old, came to visit us for a week from his village Punto Alegre.

Happy Easter! Jesus is risen indeed!


Posted April 4, 2010 by Seeds of Love in seeds

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