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Fundraiser and Fans   Leave a comment

The 4 fans for the sanctuary were installed, which really helps with the heat! We are thankful for that.

The church had a fundraiser; we raised about 100 soles ($30), enough to buy a toilet and showerhead. We did not raise enough for the tiling, doors, or labor. A donation of $450 would allow us to finish that project. Thanks!


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Elisha´s Miracles   Leave a comment

When Elijah went to heaven, Elisha received a double portion of his spirit–to do many miracles. Bread was multiplied, a river parted in two,  a boy came back to life, an axehead rose from the water, Naaman´s leprousy was cured, a widow received jars full of oil, and a bitter soup was made to taste good. The children learned that while God sometimes does obvious miracles on our behalf, even when we don´t know it, He is always taking care of us.

The first picture is of Barbara, a Club kid, receiving a gift from my niece, Brianna, who is Barbara´s penpal (thanks to Renee Smith´s “Adopt a kid” program).

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Backyard   Leave a comment

The first picture is the backyard a couple weeks ago when it was a mosquito ridden pool. You can see the progress over these 2 weeks. First the workers dug long canals and filled them with thousands of pebbles. Then they covered that with mesh and covered the mesh with dirt and sand. They put in the water pump, so now when it rains, the water will seep into the canals and be pumped into our sewage system.  

I had mentioned that the cost was $1,000. We are very grateful to our donor who gave that amount to help us out. That cost was only the materials, not including labor or the pump (translation misunderstanding). The total was $2,700. So we had to take $1,700 out of our personal expenses.

In addition, we had soccer posts made and field lights installed. The last pictures are of Josue and friends playing soccer. Next week we would like to put down grass (to help eliminate dust and sand), buy some trees, and put in concrete benches. We need to put up soccer netting too, to keep the ball in our property (and to protect the lights from being stolen). The estimated cost for all these additional expenses is $3,000. We appreciate your financial support to prepare the backyard for the kids to play soccer in a safe and fun place.

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Butterflies and Jobs   Leave a comment

Josue and I took Carl and Carol to a butterfly farm, to Mama Luz´s for lunch, and we went out to eat the last evening they were here with Vasti. They helped us with jobs…Carl with painting a balcony, painting a ministry bulletin board, and sanding a ministry table; Carol painted an Amazon mural in our nursery. We were blessed by their visit and feel like they are family now!

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Treasure Box   Leave a comment

Our hearts are treasure boxes where we guard God´s precious Word. Carol Buckman brought cut-out foam pieces, cardboard boxes, and sticker decorations for each kid to make a treasure box. They turned out beautifully. I worked with Carol and Josue upstairs with 38 kids, while Mama Luz, Carl, and 5 helpers worked with the younger kids (55) downstairs. Lunch was “juani,” a native chicken and rice meal wrapped in a banana leaf.

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River Trip with Buckmans   Leave a comment

We returned yesterday from Punto Alegre, a village about 4 hours from here (with a strong motor). We spent 3 nights and 3 days with the villagers.  I especially enjoyed the time with the children. At the first class on Wednesday, Mama Luz shared about the death and resurrection of Christ, including the Creation story to explain sin and our need for salvation. About 20 children raised their hands to accept Christ. Carol had brought 130 cut-out crosses. We used almost 90 for our Club in Iquitos, but somehow had 60 left over, which was how many children came on Wednesday, so each kid got to decorate a cross. Thursday, I taught on Daniel and the lion´s den and the importance of following God at all costs. The children made lion masks to help them remember that God is always with them.  Josué sang energetic songs with them and prayed with them, and we gave out candy at the end of the classes. The kids really enjoyed our time with them. Carl is relational, and loved visiting the homes, speaking English with the youth (who are studying English), and playing with the kids. It was hard for him to leave. Carol blessed me with good conversations and helped me with the crafts. As it was the first time I have been in charge of taking someone on a river trip, I was nervous, as it is a hard, hot trip, and Carl and Carol are in their 60s, but it went really well and they held their own.

We saw how yucca is harvested and Carl pulled up some yucca roots (interesting but more sweat for him)!

I got sick on Thursday with something I ate and had a fever that night and all day Friday on the trip home. Upon arriving to Iquitos, I slept until 4am this morning, when I finally woke up to go to the bathroom. I feel a little better now.  

It was great to see God work in the villagers and in us. Thank you for praying.

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Easter Celebration   Leave a comment

Carl (Carlos) and Carol (Carolina) arrived on Saturday. That evening we had a birthday party for 2 of our Club kids who turned 15 (the special year here, like 16 in the States), Karen and Paola. I had taken Karen out to buy her a backpack and shirt (which she wore to the party).  After Mama Luz and I and the girls´ moms, and even Carl and Carol, shared some positive words to the girls, we had cake and snacks. It was a sweet time.

Sunday morning, we taught on the death and resurrection of Jesus, and Carol shared a cross craft she had cut out with the children (we had about 90!). The kids glued sequins on their foam crosses. They also got to taste jelly beans for the first time. It was a special time. (You can see in the pix of Abed, I decorated him too!) The couple sweated a lot, noticed how we need ceiling fans, and so bought us 4 for the sanctuary. We are grateful!

They greeted the church on Sunday evening. We all slept in this morning (Monday) and are finally rested up. This morning Josue and I have to take care of construction business, so this afternoon we will go shopping for the river trip. We leave tomorrow and return Friday. It will be an adventure. Pray for us (rest, peace, safety, health).

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