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This past week was BUSY! In addition to painting, buying things for the house, constantly cleaning, and preparing for the children´s ministry, other positive things happened:

  • Josué and I hung out with my friend Cory and his new wife, who came to Iquitos to attend the YWAM school. Cory and I met on a mission trip in Nicaragua in 2003.
  • We celebrated Shirley´s 14th birthday with new clothes, dinner, and ice cream (it was Josué´s brother Jonas´s birthday too).
  • We installed an air conditioner, a Christmas present from my stepmom, which is already helping us rest at night (and concentrate better on really hot days).
  • At Club, the children learned how to be good friends like David and Jonathan were. We gave each child a pack of gum and cookies for them to share, teaching them friendship.
  • The plumbing and the first layer of cement flooring to Block 2 was laid and the walls went up! That was my goal for this week, and it was reached! You see pictures of the kitchen, Daniel´s room (he´s in it), the bathrooms and showers, and the patio for Club and church meetings.  This coming week, the workers will finish the walls (cementing them), put in the electricity and plumbing, and lay the final cement flooring.


  • We still lack several thousand dollars to complete this construction project, although we continue to receive donations from so many generous donors. Please keep praying for God to open the storehouses of Heaven and rain down blessings!
  • Pray for my health; I go to a naturalist this week to seek help with my constant stomach problems.
  • Pray for our workers.
  • Pray for the preparation of a couple, friends of mine who are coming next month to help us out.

THANKS! A lot of our children have sponsors, thanks to Renee´s Adopt a Kid project and to so many of you who have taken on the responsibility to pray, write letters, send gifts, and help them out–we are so grateful that you are a part of what God is doing here in Iquitos, Peru!


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