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 Our team took nine of our Club kids on a river trip to Tamshiyacu, Amazons: Christofer and Lucero (siblings), Karen, Lony, and Estefani (sisters), Gabriela and Barbara (sisters), Anthony, and Priscila

These kids have difficult lives, either selling on the street or babysitting younger siblings. They really enjoyed time to  just be kids. We went to a lake (several learned to swim, as it was their first time in the water). They had three meals a day, plus snow cones and fresh bread. Josué and I spent a lot of time just chatting with them and gaining their trust. They missed home (and TV) less and less each day, and by the end, they didn´t want to return to Iquitos!

Josué and the several others taught Bible lessons to 15 leaders from several villages. Our Club kids shared choreographies, dramas, songs, and Bible verses. They helped me teach the village kids in the afternoons.

I am grateful for my “Club supporter” who allowed us to take this trip. However, with $120 more we could have stayed in a little hotel the 3 nights, with beds and bathrooms. As it was, we slept on a wooden floor above the church with the visitors from the other villages, who awaken early, and there was no running water.  

But we managed and made it a good trip. We look forward to the next adventure with our growing “seeds of love”!



Posted March 1, 2010 by Seeds of Love in seeds

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