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Our Kitchen and Solomon´s Wisdom   Leave a comment

CONSTRUCTION: The rooms (patio, bathrooms, showers, sink, closet, kitchen, and guard´s room) have been built, the brick walls cleaned or cemented, and the plumbing and electricity installed (see photos).

We are so grateful and amazed by a $1000 donation to fix up the backyard and 2 other generous donations (summing $4,000) to help with the costs to finish Block 2. With a few more donations, it should only be a few more weeks before the downstairs is ready. Yea!


MY HEALTH: I was sick before traveling to Lima and Arequipa for our one year anniversary. There I got sicker. When I returned, the dust was so bad in my house that I just got sicker, coughing, wheezing, and having trouble breathing (like asthma attacks). I went to several doctors, but it didn´t help me; until Friday when I went to another doctor who emergency hospitalized me for pneumonia. We had to spend unexpected money to lay ceramic tiling on all the floors (see photos). I had to leave for a week, anyway, in order for Gilber to lay the tiles (he had to take up the cement flooring first, creating more dust). So I’m spending the week at the hospital. I guess it worked out. I will return Saturday to a cleaner home.

Thanks to so many of you who emailed saying you are praying for me. I have been hospitalized for the past couple days and will be there for a few more days. I am also being treated for parasites and seeing a surgeon for my intestinal problems caused by the surgeries. I am feeling better, coughing less and breathing easier. My doctor gave me permission to teach Club this morning, although I am weak and have a needle stuck in my hand (see photos). I am taking a moment to upload photos to my Blog and to write to update you, as I don´t have access to Internet in the hospital.


CLUB: Solomon had one “wish.” What would yours be? Solomon chose wisdom and was blessed. He gave us the book of Proverbs to help us have wisdom too. We talked about how the Bible is like a map, and wisdom is a compass, to guide us in our walk with God.


SOULS FOR HEAVEN: Last Sunday night, my friend Cory preached the following message: We as Christians have the power to do what Jesus did and more. Jesus never acted more than man during His time on earth. The miracles that He did and the life He lived and calls us to live is not impossible. Through the Holy Spirit, we have the power to leave the jail cell we´ve created by doubt and disbelief. We can walk free and walk with God and do mighty things.

I translated the message, and felt God speaking through me. I hadn´t translated in a while, and Cory spoke at a pace that I could follow easily. God moved. Cory and Ann made themselves available afterward, and several people came over to ask for prayer, and one of our youths left his jail cell to begin the walk with God (he accepted Christ)! The angels rejoiced and so did we!


BIBLE STUDY: 6-8 adolescents are coming to Bible study, held mornings for the kids who attend school in the afternoons, and in the afternoons for those who go to school in the mornings. The topic is David. Last Monday we took the afternoon class to the swimming pool. It was fun.



  • Spiritual growth and faithfulness for the youth who accepted Christ (his family are not believers)
  • Progress on Block 2´s construction
  • Josué´s grandpa celebrated his 91st birthday (see photo of family)



  • That Josué and I will have increased passion for those who don´t know Jesus
  • Healing for my stomach and lungs; rest for Josué and me at the hospital (Josué´s staying nights with me, and Shirley in the day) (We asked the doctor to order no treatments through the night (the first 2 days I was awakened every time I tried to sleep—I haven´t slept well for a month; I was aggravated; so last night we slept about 5 hours straight!)
  • Committed hearts for the adolescents, especially the Bible study kids
  • Wisdom and patience for Gilber (our builder), Josué, and me in seeking good prices and building decisions, continued and rapid progress, no obstacles
  • Carl and Carol´s trip in a couple weeks; our river trip to Punto Alegre
  • My grandma who isn´t doing well and my aunt who is taking care of her

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School Supplies and Mephibosheth   Leave a comment

Club: David and Mephibosheth. David kept his promise to Jonathan and took care of his family, when the custom would have been to have Mephibosheth, Jonathan´s son, killed. That shows David´s character; he was a faithful friend, full of grace, just like Christ is for us. (Ephesians 2:8-9)

School supplies: Today at Club, we gave 55 school age children notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers, paper clips, pencil sharpeners, colored pencils, and computer paper. They were happy to mark things off of their required supply list. Thanks to Ron and Renee for donations specifically for this project.

Adopt a Child: So far, 4 of our “adopted” kids received funds for some or all of the following (depending on the donation): school matriculation, school supplies, uniforms, and clothes. Thanks to all who are praying for and giving! If you are interested in the program to adopt a child to pray for and bless, email Renee at . You can also help financially. $30 a month will provide your adopted child with daily meals, school fees, clothes, and other necessities. When you send your donation, write my name and your child´s name on a Post It Note. Let me know if you decide to make this commitment.

*Pictures of Anderson and Estefani

Block 2: We completed the walls, meeting last week´s goal! It took all week to build them well, but they are very strong (with cross beams). The electricity and plumbing is in. The flooring will be completed this week, as will one toilet and shower, and the sink. We have to buy thousands of dollars of cement, sand, and ceramic tiles for this next step. Then Daniel and Isabel can move in. Work will then start on the kitchen, as State health workers come in next week, and we have to be finished with construction of the kitchen by then.

House and Health: We had concrete flooring put in, as a result of the contractor´s advice, and it began to crumble apart and has created a lot of dust, which has kept me coughing for the past several weeks. My nephew and I tried to scrape it up–it´s loose in areas and hard in areas–but it was too much. So Josué and his brothers spent all day Friday trying to take it up. It helped a little with the dust issue, but we are going to have to tile the floors to have a clean environment. Suffice it to say, neither Josué nor I have slept much. I coughed so much, I thought I had a hernia in my fragile stomach. I went to the doctor, who said I don´t have a hernia, but that I need physcial therapy; he tested me and had to give me antibiotics for a respiratory infection.

Earthquake news: Iquitos lies far inland and is not anywhere near a fault line. Still, those living all along the South American coast need our prayers.

Landscaping: Due to daily rain and lack of drainage, the backyard, which is dirt and sand, is mostly a water hole (see pix below). The mud and dust also enter my back windows and travel up the stairs to my house on our shoes (people are in and out of my house all the time). This is attracting mosquitoes (which could carry dengue and malaria). It is unhealthy and unhygienic. We need to buy lots of small rocks that will filter the water into underground tubes that will go into our sewage. Getting this fixed and putting down grass is necessary to the ministry (we have a fundraiser in a month and need to have a the field ready for a soccer tournament in order to raise money for ceiling fans for the church and to finish the bathrooms); it will also help me with my health and all those who come through our doors. I would appreciate any donation toward this $1000 necessity. Thank you!


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Busy Week   Leave a comment

This past week was BUSY! In addition to painting, buying things for the house, constantly cleaning, and preparing for the children´s ministry, other positive things happened:

  • Josué and I hung out with my friend Cory and his new wife, who came to Iquitos to attend the YWAM school. Cory and I met on a mission trip in Nicaragua in 2003.
  • We celebrated Shirley´s 14th birthday with new clothes, dinner, and ice cream (it was Josué´s brother Jonas´s birthday too).
  • We installed an air conditioner, a Christmas present from my stepmom, which is already helping us rest at night (and concentrate better on really hot days).
  • At Club, the children learned how to be good friends like David and Jonathan were. We gave each child a pack of gum and cookies for them to share, teaching them friendship.
  • The plumbing and the first layer of cement flooring to Block 2 was laid and the walls went up! That was my goal for this week, and it was reached! You see pictures of the kitchen, Daniel´s room (he´s in it), the bathrooms and showers, and the patio for Club and church meetings.  This coming week, the workers will finish the walls (cementing them), put in the electricity and plumbing, and lay the final cement flooring.


  • We still lack several thousand dollars to complete this construction project, although we continue to receive donations from so many generous donors. Please keep praying for God to open the storehouses of Heaven and rain down blessings!
  • Pray for my health; I go to a naturalist this week to seek help with my constant stomach problems.
  • Pray for our workers.
  • Pray for the preparation of a couple, friends of mine who are coming next month to help us out.

THANKS! A lot of our children have sponsors, thanks to Renee´s Adopt a Kid project and to so many of you who have taken on the responsibility to pray, write letters, send gifts, and help them out–we are so grateful that you are a part of what God is doing here in Iquitos, Peru!

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River Trip with Club kids   Leave a comment

 Our team took nine of our Club kids on a river trip to Tamshiyacu, Amazons: Christofer and Lucero (siblings), Karen, Lony, and Estefani (sisters), Gabriela and Barbara (sisters), Anthony, and Priscila

These kids have difficult lives, either selling on the street or babysitting younger siblings. They really enjoyed time to  just be kids. We went to a lake (several learned to swim, as it was their first time in the water). They had three meals a day, plus snow cones and fresh bread. Josué and I spent a lot of time just chatting with them and gaining their trust. They missed home (and TV) less and less each day, and by the end, they didn´t want to return to Iquitos!

Josué and the several others taught Bible lessons to 15 leaders from several villages. Our Club kids shared choreographies, dramas, songs, and Bible verses. They helped me teach the village kids in the afternoons.

I am grateful for my “Club supporter” who allowed us to take this trip. However, with $120 more we could have stayed in a little hotel the 3 nights, with beds and bathrooms. As it was, we slept on a wooden floor above the church with the visitors from the other villages, who awaken early, and there was no running water.  

But we managed and made it a good trip. We look forward to the next adventure with our growing “seeds of love”!


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