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David´s Stones   Leave a comment

The children at Club painted stones to remind them that God will take care of them as He did young David, who, in the Name of Jehovah, killed Goliath with a stone.


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Art Museum and Flowers   Leave a comment

Unfortunately, I was sick most of the week of our vacation. Josue and I decided to take a trip south of Lima but forgot about the mountains. We are almost 8,000 feet above sea level.  The cold night air and lack of oxygen gave me strep and I had to take antibiotic, again. The food has made us sick as well, so we´ve had a rough time, not leaving the hotel room much. Today we felt a little better and ventured out to a museum. It was a few miles away and we walked it. There were some strange exhibits. Our favorites were: the open door and the metal goalie missing the ball (says GOAL). We were about to leave when I noticed a flower garden. We spent an hour enjoying the beauty and peace. We had fun taking pictures–I love the one of me knocking on the painted door and the last one of a blurry Josue reading the paper through a plant, and Josue´s favorite is of me with the yellow daisies.

Tomorrow we return to Lima to celebrate Valentine´s Day and on Monday to Iquitos. I am still tired and feel a need to rest. The construction on the building continues, with very few workers as we are low on funds. So it will take longer than expected. I pray that God helps me not stress out and Josue to continue to be patient with me.

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First Anniversary   Leave a comment

Josue and I had a nice, sleepy day. The cold weather and rain helped. Josue gave me roses, and I gave him a ¨to my favorite (and only) husband¨ card.  We spent some time in prayer, watched some movies, and ate at a Greek restaurant–they called them kebabs: pita bread with chicken and avocado  for Josue, cooked eggplant, zuccinni, and tomato for me, plus a too-sweet baklava for dessert–delicioso!

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Home Improvements   Leave a comment

still lots of work to do, but it´s coming along little by little

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Worship and Drama Rehearsal   Leave a comment

Josue led the Bible study kids in worship on Wednesday. Then they meditated on some Scripture passages for a short time alone. It was sweet. Mama Luz is taking the study while Josue and I are on a week vacation, celebrating our one-year anniversary.

7 kids are now going on the river trip, which takes place Feb. 22-25. They are rehearsing twice a week, dramas and choreographies, to share on the trip. My sister-in-law is helping me with this part.

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