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On January 18, using the momentum from the VBS, I began a Bible study with the adolescents (ages 11-14), which meets three times a week during school vacation. There are 15 regulars, although we’ve had up to 19. What joy!

I am using a discipleship program in Spanish that I bought in the States (thanks to a donation from Nueva Vida). I have been teaching the kids to have a daily Bible study and prayer time with God. I give them a snack at the end.

The kids had a contest these first two weeks to earn the most points. Six earned over 20 points (attendance, memory verses, Bible, and homework); I gave them flipflops. I also awarded two who came every day and on time. I also gave little prizes to those who earned less but put forth effort.

As Josué and I are going to Lima for a week to celebrate our one year anniversary, Mama Luz will take over, sharing her advice and humor.

I will offer ESL classes to those who continue in the discipleship program, which will decrease to once a week when school begins.

The discipleship program will include baptism teaching in May. We plan to have a baptism for the adolescents in early June.

February 22-25, Josué and I, and the ministry team, are taking a river trip to Tamshiacu, a village 6 hours away by motorboat. Six adolescents, who are showing faithfulness to the Club and Bible study, will go with us. (We had a meeting this afternoon with their parents, where they gave us signed permission forms.) We will teach the village kids from the book of Daniel (from VBS), with dramas and choreographies.


  • The Bible study youth. God’s guidance for me to disciple them.
  • The river trip—preparation and protection.
  • The kids going on the river trip: Karen, Lonny, Lucero, Christofer, Carla, and Shirley.


  • A supporter who will “adopt” the Bible study and English classes for this school year (March-December)—the cost is $80/ month for copies, materials, snacks, and prizes for 15-20 kids.
  • $150 to cover food for the youth to share dramas, teachings, and choreographies in a nearby village.

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