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Josué and I cannot unpack much because we must fumigate first. And we cannot fumigate until the backyard is filled with sand (due to pools of water which breed mosquitoes). Josué and several guys spent every day this week carting 10 huge truckloads of sand from the road to the backyard. They raised the area, 11x 40 meters, a couple of feet, plus filled Block 2 in order to put in flooring. That’s a lot of sand! (I helped one hour and wore out–these guys have to be sooo tired, and are only getting paid $5 a day.)

Also, the contractor has to finish the flooring to our apartment before we can fumigate. That will happen next week, as Josué and I are taking a one-week trip to Lima for our one-year anniversary. When we return, we will begin to paint our house and unpack and decorate a bit. We will also start the construction of Block 2 (kitchen, classroom, guard’s room, bathrooms, and patio). We hope to finish it by mid-March, when school starts.


  • Good prices and financial support for materials to build Block 2 and the landscaping.
  • Strength, patience, and wisdom for Josué, who is in charge of the construction.


  • $1000 for the sand that we are putting in; we’ll have to take it out of our personal budget if money doesn’t come in for that specific need.  We also have to buy sewage pipes next week to maintain the land dry, which cost $35. On top of that we will put dirt and grass patches.

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