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An amazing VBS! We averaged 80 children Tuesday through Friday, and 135 children came for Saturday´s closing ceremony.

I began and ended each day with prayer. Daniel, Mama Luz, Jonathan, and Josue taught songs. Daniel, Irene, Isabel, and Josue played games. At the end, we gave each child a sandwich and drink. For the lesson, we split the kids into 3 groups: Mama Luz and Irene taught ages 6 and below (20 kids), Daniel, Isabel, and Gioana taught ages 7-10 (30 kids), and I taught ages 11 and up (25 kids) with help from Josue, Becky, and Vasti. I thought I would want the intermediate class but am glad I wasn´t prideful and took the adolescents. They all read, understand my Spanish, and respond well to my teaching. About 15 of them committed to attending a Bible study that I start tomorrow. What a joy!

Week´s Theme: The Prophet Daniel´s Reputation

Day 1: Reputation of Strength, Daniel 1 (Josue and his brother Daniel showed good and bad repuations through clowning.)

Day 2: Repuation of Courage, Daniel 3 (We put on a skit–Becky and I interviewed King Nebuchadnezzar, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. The kids colored fiery furnaces with the 3 men and cut-out flames.)

Day 3: Reputacion of Humility, Daniel 5 (Puppets showed how the Pharisee was proud and the tax collector was humble, then put the concept into a modern application. The kids colored with chalk on the walls and floor, as God wrote on the wall, showing King Darius that his pride was his downfall.) 

Day 4: Reputation of Faith, Daniel 6 (We performed a choreography of Daniel and the lion´s den, and encouraged the kids to pray and follow God even when it´s hard. The kids made lion puppets using paper bags and yarn.)

Day 5: Closing (Games, songs, and review of themes, memory verses, and stories. Mama Luz and Becky gave prizes to those who attended every day, who brought visitors, and who came early to help set up.)


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