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Who wants to have a reputation of daily prayer, like Daniel in the Bible? The children raise their hands in commitment to praying, even when persecution is a possibility. I finished the week of Daniel with Daniel 2, where Daniel prays and receives from God and then gives thanks. Josue taught the Monkey Song–made me laugh!

The Club was full today. We increased our Club membership by about 10 children due to the VBS. After just a couple weeks of regular meeting in the new building, we have an average of 75 kids, and in total, not all at once, we have had 150 children. It seems we have outgrown the santuary!

We need to finish the back part of the church (kitchen, guard´s room, bathrooms, and patio), as well as the landscaping, so that we can have more space.

I mentioned in a recent email what we have spent so far. Josue and I were talking today, and he showed me the budget needed to finish the back block. I thought we had raised enough for this part, but I learned today, that even with what I raised in November, we still lack $8,000, subtracting what my aunt donated specifically for the kitchen . We need to complete this project in February, to be ready to serve lunches when school starts in March, and to not have to continue to pay for a nightguard (Daniel and Isabel will live in the guard´s room).  If the Lord lays it on your heart to give, so that we can complete the good work that God has given us to do, please send your donation to Wordsower and write on the post-it note “Block 2.”

As for the landscaping, the cost for dirt, sand, grass, and sewage pipes (the land is closed, low, and wet) is $1,500. I also need one specific donation of $200 for a couple of wooden tables and benches for the Club. Also please continue with your regular giving toward our monthly budget. Thank you!


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  1. I can’t wait to see how the Lord is going to grow His ministry! I love the pictures of the children drawing on the walls.

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