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God calls the Little Ones   Leave a comment

We have reached 1 Samuel in our trek through the Old Testament. Samuel was about 3 years old when he was dedicated to the Lord and went to live in the Temple. He was 12 when God called him by name “Samuel, Samuel,” and he began to prophesy.

God loves children, knows them by name, and calls them to His service. We need to pray that they listen, have people who guide them to recognize God’s voice, and obey.


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Bible Study   Leave a comment


On January 18, using the momentum from the VBS, I began a Bible study with the adolescents (ages 11-14), which meets three times a week during school vacation. There are 15 regulars, although we’ve had up to 19. What joy!

I am using a discipleship program in Spanish that I bought in the States (thanks to a donation from Nueva Vida). I have been teaching the kids to have a daily Bible study and prayer time with God. I give them a snack at the end.

The kids had a contest these first two weeks to earn the most points. Six earned over 20 points (attendance, memory verses, Bible, and homework); I gave them flipflops. I also awarded two who came every day and on time. I also gave little prizes to those who earned less but put forth effort.

As Josué and I are going to Lima for a week to celebrate our one year anniversary, Mama Luz will take over, sharing her advice and humor.

I will offer ESL classes to those who continue in the discipleship program, which will decrease to once a week when school begins.

The discipleship program will include baptism teaching in May. We plan to have a baptism for the adolescents in early June.

February 22-25, Josué and I, and the ministry team, are taking a river trip to Tamshiacu, a village 6 hours away by motorboat. Six adolescents, who are showing faithfulness to the Club and Bible study, will go with us. (We had a meeting this afternoon with their parents, where they gave us signed permission forms.) We will teach the village kids from the book of Daniel (from VBS), with dramas and choreographies.


  • The Bible study youth. God’s guidance for me to disciple them.
  • The river trip—preparation and protection.
  • The kids going on the river trip: Karen, Lonny, Lucero, Christofer, Carla, and Shirley.


  • A supporter who will “adopt” the Bible study and English classes for this school year (March-December)—the cost is $80/ month for copies, materials, snacks, and prizes for 15-20 kids.
  • $150 to cover food for the youth to share dramas, teachings, and choreographies in a nearby village.

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Sand   Leave a comment


Josué and I cannot unpack much because we must fumigate first. And we cannot fumigate until the backyard is filled with sand (due to pools of water which breed mosquitoes). Josué and several guys spent every day this week carting 10 huge truckloads of sand from the road to the backyard. They raised the area, 11x 40 meters, a couple of feet, plus filled Block 2 in order to put in flooring. That’s a lot of sand! (I helped one hour and wore out–these guys have to be sooo tired, and are only getting paid $5 a day.)

Also, the contractor has to finish the flooring to our apartment before we can fumigate. That will happen next week, as Josué and I are taking a one-week trip to Lima for our one-year anniversary. When we return, we will begin to paint our house and unpack and decorate a bit. We will also start the construction of Block 2 (kitchen, classroom, guard’s room, bathrooms, and patio). We hope to finish it by mid-March, when school starts.


  • Good prices and financial support for materials to build Block 2 and the landscaping.
  • Strength, patience, and wisdom for Josué, who is in charge of the construction.


  • $1000 for the sand that we are putting in; we’ll have to take it out of our personal budget if money doesn’t come in for that specific need.  We also have to buy sewage pipes next week to maintain the land dry, which cost $35. On top of that we will put dirt and grass patches.

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Club: Reputation of Prayer   1 comment

Who wants to have a reputation of daily prayer, like Daniel in the Bible? The children raise their hands in commitment to praying, even when persecution is a possibility. I finished the week of Daniel with Daniel 2, where Daniel prays and receives from God and then gives thanks. Josue taught the Monkey Song–made me laugh!

The Club was full today. We increased our Club membership by about 10 children due to the VBS. After just a couple weeks of regular meeting in the new building, we have an average of 75 kids, and in total, not all at once, we have had 150 children. It seems we have outgrown the santuary!

We need to finish the back part of the church (kitchen, guard´s room, bathrooms, and patio), as well as the landscaping, so that we can have more space.

I mentioned in a recent email what we have spent so far. Josue and I were talking today, and he showed me the budget needed to finish the back block. I thought we had raised enough for this part, but I learned today, that even with what I raised in November, we still lack $8,000, subtracting what my aunt donated specifically for the kitchen . We need to complete this project in February, to be ready to serve lunches when school starts in March, and to not have to continue to pay for a nightguard (Daniel and Isabel will live in the guard´s room).  If the Lord lays it on your heart to give, so that we can complete the good work that God has given us to do, please send your donation to Wordsower and write on the post-it note “Block 2.”

As for the landscaping, the cost for dirt, sand, grass, and sewage pipes (the land is closed, low, and wet) is $1,500. I also need one specific donation of $200 for a couple of wooden tables and benches for the Club. Also please continue with your regular giving toward our monthly budget. Thank you!

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VBS 2010   Leave a comment

An amazing VBS! We averaged 80 children Tuesday through Friday, and 135 children came for Saturday´s closing ceremony.

I began and ended each day with prayer. Daniel, Mama Luz, Jonathan, and Josue taught songs. Daniel, Irene, Isabel, and Josue played games. At the end, we gave each child a sandwich and drink. For the lesson, we split the kids into 3 groups: Mama Luz and Irene taught ages 6 and below (20 kids), Daniel, Isabel, and Gioana taught ages 7-10 (30 kids), and I taught ages 11 and up (25 kids) with help from Josue, Becky, and Vasti. I thought I would want the intermediate class but am glad I wasn´t prideful and took the adolescents. They all read, understand my Spanish, and respond well to my teaching. About 15 of them committed to attending a Bible study that I start tomorrow. What a joy!

Week´s Theme: The Prophet Daniel´s Reputation

Day 1: Reputation of Strength, Daniel 1 (Josue and his brother Daniel showed good and bad repuations through clowning.)

Day 2: Repuation of Courage, Daniel 3 (We put on a skit–Becky and I interviewed King Nebuchadnezzar, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. The kids colored fiery furnaces with the 3 men and cut-out flames.)

Day 3: Reputacion of Humility, Daniel 5 (Puppets showed how the Pharisee was proud and the tax collector was humble, then put the concept into a modern application. The kids colored with chalk on the walls and floor, as God wrote on the wall, showing King Darius that his pride was his downfall.) 

Day 4: Reputation of Faith, Daniel 6 (We performed a choreography of Daniel and the lion´s den, and encouraged the kids to pray and follow God even when it´s hard. The kids made lion puppets using paper bags and yarn.)

Day 5: Closing (Games, songs, and review of themes, memory verses, and stories. Mama Luz and Becky gave prizes to those who attended every day, who brought visitors, and who came early to help set up.)

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Church Inauguration   Leave a comment

Last night was the inauguration of my Iquitos church, Torre Fuerte. There were dramas, choreographies, and special music. Pastor Jorge, Josue’s dad, gave thanks to God for the sacrifice of many people that is allowing the church to meet in this beautiful, although still unfinished, building. Thanks to a special donation from my mom, we restored 5 benches (pix of Mama Luz with my brother-in-law’s new wife, Isabel) and bought 4 dozen plates, cups, and spoons–it was just enough to feed the 50 attendees! The last picture is of photos of our 70 Club children, the construction, and events that have already taken place in the new building.

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Rahab’s Faith   Leave a comment

The lesson was on Joshua as the new leader sending 2 spies into Jerico, where the prostitute Rahab protected them and was honored by God for her faith. God can take something sinful and redeem it, just like He did with all those who believe Him! The kids played bowling, knocking over water bottles as God knocked over the walls of Jerico. After the lesson, the kids took red ribbon and pasted it to their papers of Rahab, who by faith put a red cord out of her window and was saved; the red represents the blood of Jesus that saves us from our sin.

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