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Christmas Service:

Sunday night, we held a candlelight service at church, a new experience for most everyone. We invited the Club kids and their parents. Almost 250 people filled the second floor of the new building! The kids presented an acrostic “FELIZ NAVIDAD” as well as two Christmas carols and a choreography. The congregation sang carols and then lit candles starting with one little light in the darkness and ending with a bright room. It was a moving experience, to see everyone, from the littlest children, sharing their lights—everyone´s candle was lit in under a minute. The point was that, as Jesus is the Light of the World, He too calls us to be lights in the darkness, sharing God’s good news of eternal life.

 Afterward everyone enjoyed Christmas fruit cake and hot chocolate. It was great to see the parents supporting their kids and encouraging our ministry.

Christmas Gifts:

Renee, who came to Iquitos in October, generously helped us with Christmas presents this year. We were able to give out gift bags (filled with soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, and a bunch of candy) to 100 children!

 We also opened the beginning of a library, with 100 New Testaments, 10 complete Bibles, and some Christian children´s books. Plus with what my Spanish church, Nueva Vida provided, I began a game closet for the kids. I will continue to add more books, educational games, and manipulatives. (To make a specific contribution to this, put “Library Fund” under my name on the post-it note attached to your support check.)

Financial Account:

The total cost for the candles, decorations, food, and gifts was about $220. But with donations from Renee, Nueva Vida, Torre Fuerte (my Iquitos church), and a local ministry, I only needed to expend $100, which works out to a dollar a kid! On top of that, 250 people heard the Gospel!

Thanks for your prayers for this special Christmas program.


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2 responses to “Christmas part 3

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  1. Hey Rachel!

    You guys are doing a great job! Can’t wait to see you and meet Josue in a few weeks!

  2. Gloria a Dios! Kevin y yo estamos orando para tu y Josue. Feliz Navidad!

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