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Sewage System   Leave a comment

The sewage system has gone in. We rejoice that we got the permit, and that several neighbors helped us dig and paid their part to have sewage as well. 17 men spent 3 longs days digging 164 feet long and 8 feet deep of hard dirt–even in the rain. They were so muddy! So now the pipes are in, and covered. We are thankful that once we move in, in a couple weeks, we will have sewage.


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Christmas part 3   2 comments

Christmas Service:

Sunday night, we held a candlelight service at church, a new experience for most everyone. We invited the Club kids and their parents. Almost 250 people filled the second floor of the new building! The kids presented an acrostic “FELIZ NAVIDAD” as well as two Christmas carols and a choreography. The congregation sang carols and then lit candles starting with one little light in the darkness and ending with a bright room. It was a moving experience, to see everyone, from the littlest children, sharing their lights—everyone´s candle was lit in under a minute. The point was that, as Jesus is the Light of the World, He too calls us to be lights in the darkness, sharing God’s good news of eternal life.

 Afterward everyone enjoyed Christmas fruit cake and hot chocolate. It was great to see the parents supporting their kids and encouraging our ministry.

Christmas Gifts:

Renee, who came to Iquitos in October, generously helped us with Christmas presents this year. We were able to give out gift bags (filled with soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, and a bunch of candy) to 100 children!

 We also opened the beginning of a library, with 100 New Testaments, 10 complete Bibles, and some Christian children´s books. Plus with what my Spanish church, Nueva Vida provided, I began a game closet for the kids. I will continue to add more books, educational games, and manipulatives. (To make a specific contribution to this, put “Library Fund” under my name on the post-it note attached to your support check.)

Financial Account:

The total cost for the candles, decorations, food, and gifts was about $220. But with donations from Renee, Nueva Vida, Torre Fuerte (my Iquitos church), and a local ministry, I only needed to expend $100, which works out to a dollar a kid! On top of that, 250 people heard the Gospel!

Thanks for your prayers for this special Christmas program.

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Christmas part 2   Leave a comment

This year´s Christmas theme is Light in the Darkness.  I used a candle to introduce light in the darkness (representing Jesus´ forgiveness to our sin). More than 80 kids, including 10 new ones, learned 3 C´s: Creer en la Luz (Believe in the Light–Jesus), Caminar en la Luz (walk in the Light–obey God) and Compartir la Luz (share the Light with others). Then they colored a sheet that says “Jesus´s Light shines in me” on one side and a puzzle from Matthew 5:14-17 on the other side (the verse talks about how we are to be lights in the darkness).

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Christmas part 1   1 comment

I arrived to a hot Iquitos, but God graciously put rainclouds in the sky this weekend! Friday Mama Luz and I, and some helpers, took 25 kids to a cultural (art) museum. Now the kids are planning to have their own art exhibition like the one in the photo.

Club on Sunday went great. There were 80 kids. We met in the new building on the second floor. It´s not ready, but we have officially moved out of the tiny ¨church¨ building we are in. We will still have an inauguration when the sanctuary is ready downstairs, but it was so great to have space and not be squished and hot! Yea!!!

I read to them the Nativity story from a Donkey´s perspective. Thanks to Nueva Vida, my Spanish church, for donating this book (and many other toys and educational games for the kids to have at the children´s center which opens in January).

After playing games with balloons, the children made door hangers with bells and ribbon. In the picture, my niece Greysi is wearing hers like a necklace. They will give the bells to their parents, along with Christmas cards they decorated.

Then they ate juani, a typical food of rice, chicken, a boiled egg and an olive wrapped up in a leaf.

On a personal note, Josué and I have been in a spiritual attack the past month or so. We have been seeking God more, and are close to opening the children´s center, being a light in the neighborhood to hundreds of children and their families. Plus we are involved in this huge project, managing a lot of money, and we’ve never been in charge of something on this scale…all in our first year of marriage. We have won some recent battles—thanks be to God!—and are seeking God together. We appreciate your continued prayers for us!

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Our First Christmas   Leave a comment

1st Christmas 31st Christmas 21st Christmas

Our First Christmas—Josue and I are happy to be together this first Christmas as a married couple. We look forward to celebrating Jesus´ first Christmas. May yours be special too!


Thanks toMom, Denise, and Aunt Susan for remembering us with Christmas decorations!


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Lima Peru   1 comment



Josue and I spent the day in Lima, as our tickets to Iquitos are not until tomorrow. Like the Louisville horses, there were cows everywhere: Drink Milk! We rested at the beach. It was a much needed time together.

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