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 The first step of the house is to build the four exterior walls, the second floor, our apartment (one bedroom with living area), and the big meeting room. The cost of this is $22,000. This is the immediate need, as we need to move in, to not be paying rent at the apartment and to be able to begin in full-swing the ministry. Please pray about how you can be a part of Phase 1. After that we will wait until we raise enough money to finish the rest of the house (Phase 2).


Posted June 20, 2009 by Seeds of Love in seeds

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  1. I am thrilled over and over as I watch you living your dream from a child, right before my very eyes ( and everyone else who has known your dream). Rachel, my heart nearly bursts with joy and excitement as I see your life’s mission unfold with the man I have prayed for, lo, these 32 years! May God’s hand of blessing, strength, health, patience, joy, peace and prosperity be upon you both and all whose lives you impact for eternity. I love you both and am so grateful and proud.

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